september 30th 2014

im just really in love w/ my boyy. im so thankful to have him in my life. he means the world to me and i cant wait to get our cute lil apartment together, and spend our lives together and for this weekend trip and just everyday is a new experience. i feel like i rant too much on here and this is just a nice lil happy post about how happy he makes me and how i love him so much. ok im done being gay now :)

september 27th 2014

not really feeling going home and going to sleep in an empty house all night.. i hate being alone 😔

september 22nd 2014

sometimes i think it’d just be better if i fucking drowned or disappeared 😔

september 22nd 2014

so so sad fuck fuck

september 22 2014

i was so looking forward to today. going out to dinner FINALLY, i even wore my nice sweater today. i guess today means nothing to you, which kinda hurts. it also hate getting all excited for something just for it not to happen. just makes me feel shitty. today was supposed to be a happy and good day, and now it’s just shit. saturday was such a good day, i just want it back. i want to feel like that again & everyday😔

september 21st 2014

things have been shitty lately. like not in my relationship, but in my life. and i try to go to therapy and talk about it and she cancels. just like everyone else in my fucking life. i just have to bottle everything up like some freak and then awkwardly cry in the middle of the hallway at school because no one will listen to me nor does anyone care. to them, im just complaining. so i keep everything to myself in hopes therapy will help, but then it just comes back to bite me in the ass because she doesn’t even fucking show up. i just feel like i could break at any point now and it’s such a scary uneasy feeling. fuck

september 21st 2014

ok it kinda just really hurts when you say you want to talk to someone yet you don’t respond to me or seem to even want to talk to me.. fine, then go talk to whoever you want to talk to i guess, because apparently I’m not good enough :-)

september 15th 2014

actually had a good day today, got to make dream catchers w my friends and i haven’t had fun with friends in a long time, it felt really nice to be able to just hang around although i am missing my cuddles from my babe :( hope i can see him soon

september 14th 2014

i hate when my family comments on my weight. it’s really hard for me to start liking my body and getting used to it, and feeling comfortable with the way i look then having to see my family and them make comments about it and about my eating habits. can you pls not

september 12th 2014 

well this hurts, a lot. guess im not good enough OR pretty enough for you. i cant do anything right for you. alright why do i bother